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Lord of the rings + silhouettes

Asked Anonymous

Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy them! : ) and I just use Copic and Prismacolor markers, and I will definitely make more! I’ve been super busy with school and life recently I haven’t had a chance to do anymore. But thank you so much again! :D 

Yesterday was my birthday and honestly I can’t believe how much time has passed.

It seems like only yesterday I was running around barefoot in the grass in the yard with my fellow elementary school friends, or just starting high school for the first time and feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. Just yesterday when I would head home to the fresh aroma of my Dad’s cooking and the sounds of the trees in my backyard rustling in the breeze.

It’s funny because as a child I would always daydream about my future and where I’d be and what I’d be doing, eventually brushing it off without a care. There’s still a long way for me to go, still some fields to be filled. I’m afraid, anxious, excited, nervous and curious all the while though. Even now only time will tell where I’ll be in another few years from this point.

I’m sorry for the lack of posts, but also thank you for sticking by. There’s a lot going on right now that I need to focus on. A new school, a new environment, new everything. It’s been a little hard feeling homesick and all, but in the end it will be worth it - everything will be okay.

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I’d like to think that Blackarachnia was on Dinobot Island for some time before all those complications happened, and during that time was actually pretty decent to the Dinobots. In fact, she may have even reverted back to her old self at some points and was very kind to them. They would all get along and maybe have some little adventures at some points. ^^ Maybe that’s just me, but it’s fun to think about! :D

(My intention was to have this done by Mother’s Day, but that obviously didn’t happen. >.< )

TFA (c) Hasbro, etc.

Artwork (c) gocstudio

TFPRIME: Ep. 8: Thirst - “Knock Out and Starscream experiment with synthetic lead and threaten to take over the Decepticon ship and unleash an old enemy.”

Synthetic lead. Lead. 

Pencil lead? 

I really tried…and then I gave up. ._.

And now sleep beckons me….

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After seeing some beautiful renditions of some MTMTE characters human-lady-fied, I really wanted to give it a try myself. So here are some Human Ladyformers .3. Cyclonus and Tailgate! Plus a little Rodimus in the corner. 

I was trying to make some sort of shoulder padding for Cyc (hence his face) but I just ended up giving up after a while. ._. And being the genius that I am, I ended up inking on the same layer I sketched on. x_x Ahhh.

I’m not too thrilled with Tailgate’s at the moment, but I really hope I did everyone justice. I’m still trying to practice using digital mediums more, so this was a good chance. This was really, really fun to do!

I can’t remember what else to mention…other than it’s very late. |3

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THIS CREEPY ABOMINATION is the result of terrible memory…and little to no references…and based off some crazy doodles my friend and I made earlier.

I GIVE YOU: creepyformers. More than Meets the Lie. Featuring: Failgate, Dung, and Pyschadelic-onus.


(( P.S. This was in a sketchbook I had to turn in for grading, hence the “good” written at the top of my page. At the time, only Failgate was present. I can only imagine the horror and awkwardness my teacher felt upon seeing it…))

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And with that, Sari Sumdac plummeted to her death. RIP.

NAH, just kidding!

But I have NO CLUE WHAT THIS IS. LOL I was re-watching some TFA episodes from season 1 and just decided to do something 

Based on this (15:35-15:45). I just couldn’t resist. 


TFA (c) Hasbro, etc.

[Edit: Hey, I know I messaged those who have responded to me about this post, but I just wanted to thank everyone for correcting me; like I stated below I’m still new to the TF universe so I’m not as familiar with everything thats going on]

First off, what a great issue. Bittersweet, moving, and hauntingly wonderful. The words spoken, the heartache, the art…everything delivered beautifully.

And where in the world did Magnus go?! :((

There’s not more I can say that hasn’t already been mentioned by other users on this comic issue.

PLEASE BE WARNED: MAJOR OPINIONS AHEAD. And chances are you may hate me for it, or see me as a “hater”, anti-gay/yaoi or whatever (even though everyone is supposedly gender less in TF), but I am not. I just view things differently, and, believe me, this will be so hard to express in words without offending anyone. I’d also like to apologize deeply in advanced as well, if I offend anyone, in any way. I’m really sorry everyone. :(( But, again, these are just MYopinions.

I really don’t see Rewind and Chromedome as a couple. Just because you share a certain relationship or bond with someone, doesn’t automatically deem you as “lovers” or a couple. A relationship/friendship like this…is so much more than that. It’s beyond that. So much more. In a way, their relationship reminds me of Frodo and Sam’s from LOTR. You can love and give love to someone without it being sexual as a couple. You can share the most precious moments of your life with someone dear and close to you without being lovers. The fact that this very person is in your life, who has helped you cope in so many ways you’d never imagine, has always been there for you. The fact that without this person, you’d only be half the person you believe yourself to be. They have helped you in more ways than you could ever think of. They are your other half, but not necessarily in the form of a lover. And just because you tell or show someone you love them, doesn’t automatically mean it’s romantic. In the words of Frodo: “I am glad you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam”.

This is how I see Chromedome and Rewind. Not just them, but others as well.

PLEASE know that I’ve only recently got into the Transformers franchise and fandom. I did grow up with Beast Wars (loved it) and Beast Machines but had no idea it was part of the Transformers universe until recently. I got into Prime, which then led me onto the MTMTE comics and others TF series and generations as well, so I’m still fairly new to the TF world (thank god for TFwiki!)

And if I am completely wrong and off on this, and the relationship between Chromedome and Rewind IS meant to be as a couple, then by all means I’m truly sorry.

I was re-reading MTMTE #15 and realized that if Fort Max had brought Overlord back down into his cell, couldn’t he have removed the sword jamming the doors as well? From the way the comic panels looked, it didn’t seem like Fort Max completely left the area of the hull, merely just stepped to the side/out of the way when Rewind made his way through to Chromedome. I don’t know, IF this is the case, couldn’t they have called Fort Max back to yank the sword out and thrust it back into the cell with Overlord, in time for it to be ejected from the ship? Or am I just reading into this too much? I don’t know, just some random thoughts.

I’m quite nervous about issue #16. >

Lol so did anyone else catch this?? I was watching this episode and had to do a double take! 

1: Arcee’s arm is detached/not connected??

2: Her wings are missing?? 

((Transformers Prime Season 3: Episode 2: Scattered…I think!!))

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More stupid, crazy doodles! Just decided to pen up some derpy looking Decepticons in their natural forms. :P

If it’s hard to make out some words here: 

KO: I’m so pretty <3 

SS: Mega-tran…I hate you

SW:  I don’t talk…wait, shit!

AIR: Heres Airachnid! Oh yes…brains…



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I have no idea what was going through my mind when drawing this…I am insane. That is all.

Overlord/TF/etc. (c) IDW/Hasbro/Etc.

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illu”The Floating Fox”

I love animals, foxes among a few of my favorites. 

Just messing around with fur and texture; part of a project. Enjoy! :)

(c) me, gocstudio

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